For English speakers

Hi! I am Luis Carlos Cárdenas and I have been software developer for 6+ years. I have worked in both Frontend and Backend, using multiple languages like Java, PHP and Javascript. Probably, you have read my LinkedIn profile (because it is in English) and you were curious about the content of my website or blog.

My blog’s content is in Spanish language because I have a mission: Help to LatAm developers to improve their skills and boost their careers as software developers.

I believe that LatAm has very talented software developers and consume content in English takes more energy than in Spanish. If I publish content in Spanish for Spanish native speakers, they will learn faster. You know, this industry is moving too fast and I try to remove the barrier of the language to move faster too.

«To remain valuable in our economy, therefore, you must master the art of quickly learning complicated things»

Cal Newport. Deep Work (Rules for focused success in a distracted world)

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